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In the „AuRa“ project, a complete system for three-wheeled cargo bikes, which are provided autonomously, is being developed and tested. From the user's point of view, „AuRa“ realizes the reliable and demand-oriented provision of a load wheel, i.e. how it needs it! Where it needs it! When she needs it! The „AuRa“ project team meets this highly demanding task on a technical, logistical/business/economic, socio-scientific and legal level with a broad-based team of experts from the relevant disciplines. The research and development work includes:

  • The autonomous wheel, designed as a three-wheeled load wheel, which can orientate itself and drive automatically on pavements and bicycle traffic infrastructures
  • A call service via app with which users can order the bike to themselves or to certain public transport stations. After use, the bike is released and returns to the starting point.
  • An operational concept in which the extended components for the overall system (stations, operational management, energy supply) are specified in order to be procured from the market
  • An action guideline for user acceptance and the internal development process with which a user-centred design of the bicycle and socially accepted driving behaviour can be achieved.
  • A legal opinion that shows the legal barriers and ways to overcome them for a market launch.



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